Snow Boots: A Short Post about Sensory Overwhelm

Camden needs snow boots. We live in the Chicago area, so it is only a matter of time before we get some accumulation. But, Cam hates stores, especially large stores like Target or Walmart; and if I force him to go, he acts out. I was thinking of forcing him to go anyway, so he could try on boots. But last night I was on the Asperger Experts website and re-read their articles about “Defense Mode.” I probably need to review their website and courses everyday! I am a slow learner, and autism is not an easy subject for neurotypicals like myself to understand. Anyway, this part caught me.

Think about terror gripping you whenever you step out of your house. Think about feeling assaulted by deafening sounds, blinding lights, and foreign smells everywhere you go. Imagine the crippling guilt, loneliness, and shame you feel when you can’t perform basic tasks because you’re unsure if that task is going to overwhelm or destroy you. And finally, imagine being terrified of life.  -Asperger Experts

My son has confirmed to me that this is how he often feels. But, I keep expecting him to be neurotypical, act neurotypically, and respond to life neurotypically. No wonder he acts out. But, I’m learning. And, I ordered the boots from Target online.     ~Lou

For more, see Asperger Experts on the Sensory Funnel.

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