booksMy son’s tutor quit after just a few weeks. She thought Camden had too many issues. I have some thoughts about her, but I won’t state them here! We homeschool, and we haven’t had a lot of success with the “school” part, yet. Camden is happy, but he is not very interested in academics. He is only five, but I worry. Tonight, I told my husband that I’m worried if I find another tutor, she’ll quit, too. I told him I’m worried Camden is not going to learn to read. He was only supposed to go to tutoring once a week for an hour, but I’m worried he will refuse to go. I feel like we’re just starting, and we’re already academically behind. I know. I know. He is only five; I don’t need to panic. Still, it feels like every time we try something new, we fail. It feels like I’m failing my son

After I was done with my meltdown, my husband looked at me and said, “We’re going to keep failing. Our life is probably going to be full of failure. And, I don’t think it’s going to get easier. But, we have to keep trying. I don’t expect you to be the perfect mom. I don’t expect our son to learn to read over night. I don’t care if our son keeps up with his peers. I don’t care if he’s not like other kids. Who cares?! But, we’re going to keep trying. And, if the next tutor quits, we’ll find another one. Or, we’ll work harder at teaching him ourselves. But, I don’t regret taking him out of school. He was going crazy there. We did the right thing. But, this is going to be hard. We know that. All we can do is try. And, if we keep failing, that is o.k., but we can’t stop trying.”

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