Main Characters (to protect our privacy, not our real names)

Camden (Cam):  Cam is a six year old boy who has autism. In many ways, he seems to have Asperger’s, but when he was diagnosed three years ago, medical professionals had stopped using that term. Cam is smart, articulate, and super loving and snuggly with me and his dad.

Jeff:  Jeff is Camden’s daddy and my husband. He is a wonderful husband and an amazing father to Cam.

Louisa (Lou):  That’s me. I’m Camden’s mom and Jeff’s wife. I am grateful to be both.

on bridgeThe Title

Camden loves quiet places. He loves fields, forests, bog trails, marshes, serene parks, and long wagon rides. We love all of Camden, which, of course, includes his autism. But, the symptoms of autism often hurt Camden. Noise especially hurts his ears and mind. So, as frequently as we can, we take Camden to quiet, open spaces where he can be as adventurous, fun, loud, and silly as he wants. There is little noise in the woods and that is where Cam is happiest.

I frequently read about autistic kids running away from school, Aspies becoming suicidal in the middle grades, and autistic teens graduating from high school only to suffer from years of PTSD. I believe the problem was never with the child; the problem was an environment that does not respect autistic ways of thinking, learning, acting, and being.


I’ve tried not to be too preachy or authoritative in my writings, but I do have strong opinions. Please understand that I’m writing about my son and my family. What works for us may not work for you, and I get that. Every family is different, and every child with autism is different. I am not a professional therapist, doctor, or autism specialist.










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