Our Experience with Professionals

I wrote the comment below on an Asperger’s forum today, and I got several “likes,” so I think it probably resonated with a lot of parents who have been in and out of therapist’s and doctor’s offices like we have. I made some minor edits to the text to clarify information, but here it is.

In response to a mom who posted about how frustrating it can be to work with professionals:

I totally feel your frustration! We’ve had mostly bad luck with doctors and therapists. My husband and I are taking a break from professionals for a while. Only a couple have been helpful; most have had no idea what autism or Asperger’s is really about. I’ve found more answers reading Facebook forums and blogs about autism and Asperger’s. I especially like Asperger Experts Private Group and their main website. Also, I get the most useful information from articles by actual researchers and specialists (see sfari.org), and reading work written by Aspies themselves (see Musings of an Aspie). It’s only people on the front lines who truly get it. People with generalist’s backgrounds who have read a couple chapters on autism are mostly guessing or applying a neurotypical lens to an autism-based issue. More and more, I feel like I have to trust myself and trust that nobody is going to work harder at understanding my very complex son than me or my husband.